Saturday, September 29, 2007

Me and a friend set up a lan at his house...
But he had to finish his project description for one of his courses, i couldn't play while he was "consentrating"... I ended up screwing around with photoshop long enough to have this drawing:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There was a donate button design competition going on a private site very recently:

Here is my submission:

Although the winner's not yet announced, he/she will get VIP status on that site for life!
What a great site, so many great artists out there.. in fact, the BEST artists are posting on cgtalk's forums.. Concept artists from popular games, movies, shows, post there work there to let every one vote, criticize and comment.
Oh yes, I am indeed talking about:

Recently, I participated in a Sketch of the Week competition.. Cgtalk provides a one sentence subject on which one must draw w/e they want in a specific amount of time (e.g. 45mins)...

Here are some of my entries:

- Image 1 -
Subject: "Woman of Darkness"

- Image 2 -
Subject: "The Green Dot"

- Image 3 -
Subject: "Forrest"
This is actually my first attempt at brush-on-canvas-like painting.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I had some fun this summer..

- One (1) 13+ year old back-wheel driven RC car's chassis and wheels (remove gears, body-work, etc.)
- One (1) ~30cm x ~3cm propeller mounted on a brushless motor..
- One (1) liPo battery, i used a 3 celled one..
- One (1) radio trasnmitter, receiver and controller..
- One (1) micro-servo and ESC (electronic speed controller)..
- Various aluminum and wood pieces (wood serves as middle-man between aluminum motor mount and plastic chassis)

OK, attach it all together, add some paint and you get this:

Image 1 -
Notice the back wheels are wrapped in industrial tape... Doing drifts and donuts wastes the original tires very quickly.

Image 2 -
Notice the wing in the back, this is because the powerful brushless motor with this giant propeller, would thrust the whole car forward enough to make forward flips. So the wind generated by the prop, pushes on the wing and helps keep the rear of the car where it belongs.

Various facts:
- The steering is done using front wheel rotation (regular car steering); I had plans to add a fin for extra tight turns, but the wheels alone provided such a good steering angle that you could make a 180 rotation around self. That is, not by sliding the back wheels around the front, but actually driving around its self..

- Inital design had the mount and therefore motor positioned in the middle.. but slight increase in thrust and the car would flip forwards... (several propellers were lost in this manner)
So, I repositioned it in the back, and attached all the equipment (battery, ESC) behind the mount.. all that along with the wing, worked together to keep the rear of the car on the floor and in the back!)

- Since I used a 14 year old chassis, it had no suspension, or shock absorbants.. making the car very sensible to cracks or bumps on the road. Each time you'd gain speed, a branch or rock could make the car loose control..

- The motor mount was totally custom made out of a raw aluminum bar purchased at Reno Depot. The back wheels axle and wheel retainers were also custom made using an aluminum rod and other aluminum parts.

- Now the car is disassembled and the electronic components will be used on a 3D flight plane..